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AfterHours HD

This theme is complete with just about everything possible skined is and if it is'nt write me and Ill see what I can do! Now there are Two sets of icons and Two sets of Auto icons! The set that is going to come default with have around 200 icons and I will take any request to make shure all icons ppl want or have become taken care of . If you like to just have a frame Switch Icons and the auto icon should take care of most! PSD included! Wallpaper alt, Dock, alt, three different ways to use lockscreen! Weather widget, Userlockscreen, and normal with battery! Any request will be taken into consideration and If over 100 ppl request a certian color scheme I will do so!

The widget in this theme is able to be turn on and off in winterboard "seperate file" and will have many other options for users. Other then the widgets this is a plug in play theme! If you want to use the widgets iBlank and lockscreen clock hide is suggested both FREE from Cydia!

As we can see here at the lockscreen we have a beutiful widget with a nice digital clock in the middle. This also has your current weather, temp, location and date.

When the widget is turned off you have three option "normal, widget, or an overlay which will enable the user to use the stock settings and apply ther pictures but have a nice frame.

The springboard or homepage for plug in go users will have the options for widgets, shelves, as well as just background. There will be full set of icons also with an icon autoskin which takes care of most icons that I miss. I will aslo include the PSD file for those who like to make their own.

For advanced users there will be a nav theme with grid lock, catagories, and will have four main icons per page. I have also twisted Aliens drawer effect and intertwined it with infinidock instead of infiniboard and its pretty legitt!

This theme will be complete with UIImages, sounds, popups, and many many apps since I like themes to be as complete as possible I will make shure I try to at least to all stock apps able to do so.

Check out the screenshots below ....there is also a chatkit and compass but these need to be tested by a phone user I used SIP to skin the phone so some things might need to be adjusted there as well, but have this taken care of at final release!!




Pre:Dusk Xtreme


Note:iPhone 4 themes are real 640X960 HD theme. Some of iPhone 4 themes can also be installed on IOS3.X.

Title:AfterHours HD



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